The Serengeti is the most renowned wildlife park in the entire world. Over 10,000 sq miles of pristine wilderness play host to the Great Migration and boast the highest density of large predators, including lions, leopards and cheetahs, in the world! Grass plains, woodlands, hills, and rivers abound. The variety and abundance of wildlife here is unmatched anywhere else in Africa. The Maasai translation of ‘Serengeti’ is ‘Siringet’ which means ‘a vast land that runs forever, where endless plains meet the sky.’

I thought alligators were big until we met our first tour guides, who were elephants! We climbed up their trunks and onto their back for our tour of the Serengeti.

We approached a herd of black and white horses, which the elephants told us were zebras. We were able to ride them through a water hole next to several large wildebeest. One named, Mack let us jump on his horns for a photo! We heard the rumble of a jeep coming and the elephants advised we jump in that because there were some animals who might try to eat us! In the jeep we say some cheetahs who eyed us like a snack! Then a large hippo crossed our path and we were told that they are very aggressive animals and not to approach it. Guess it’s a bit different than the friendly pigs we know back in Louisiana. Overall, we got to see several different animals and learned just how different they are than our Louisiana bayou critters!