Take century upon century of empires jostling for supremacy at sea and ships sailing into exotic ports fringed by fortresses and temples of stone and set all this against the backdrop of a shimmering blue sea, and you may well start to fall under the eternal spell of the Greek islands. The archipelago is varied and vast, and Greece’s rich seafaring past means that from Corfu to Crete by way of Mykonos, Patmos, Karpathos and many more there is a veritable tapestry of history and culture to discover.

This is our second time to Greece, but we’re hopping islands now! Starting with Mykonos. We stopped at this yummy cafe for some dolmades and pita bread. I drank some Greek coffee and boy oh boy, I was full of energy and ready for our next stop…Santorini! Everything was so white and the blue from the water and the building tops was stunning. We did a little fishing, but ofcoarse we’d never eat them…we just said hello and sent them back home.

Our last island was Crete. Clawdette and Cletus Jr. loved the beaches there. The sand was white and water was so clear you could see the bottom. It’s gonna be weird going back home to brown water! We explored historical sites such as The Palace of Knossos. We thought our friend Tommy Turtle was old at 98 years, but Greece has some very ancient places!! Clawdette wanted to do a little shopping in the town of Agios Nikolaos, so we ended our day there and now our suitcases are jam packed with souvenirs!