There was so much to see and experience that we’d like our tour guide, Professor String Bean to give you some info on each stop we made. Clawdette and I both agree that this was a life changing trip. It brought the bible to life for us. It was alsoContinue Reading

The Serengeti is the most renowned wildlife park in the entire world. Over 10,000 sq miles of pristine wilderness play host to the Great Migration and boast the highest density of large predators, including lions, leopards and cheetahs, in the world! Grass plains, woodlands, hills, and rivers abound. The variety andContinue Reading

Australia is an incredibly diverse island, continent, and country- both culturally and geographically speaking. The widely recognized “Outback” takes up the center of the giant island, but most other areas contain everything from rainforests, to mountains and canyons, to world-famous beaches. Nearly all of Australia’s population lives within 50 milesContinue Reading