Meet five of the super duperest swine with special gifts they use to help others.

Bert came to get me this morning, telling me he needed my help. We headed to the local market where Bert explained that he could see his friend inside with the butcher. He told me to go inside and pinch the butchers ankle then run back out. As I did, the butcher chased me outside while Bert freed all the swine to safety. Bert then ran and tripped the butcher, threw me on his back as we got away! It’s never a dull moment with Bert!

As I was nearing Puds home, I saw two wolves sniffing around outside. Suddenly, the door flew open and Puds threw the wolves into the air making them run away. She welcomed me inside and told me that the wolves come almost everyday. Being a pig, there are many bullies that try to harm her. She told me that God gave her super strength and she used this to defeat those who try to harm her and steal her blue teddy bear. I’m blessed to have a friend like her…at least I know I’m safe from those wolves!

It’s always interesting with Rubble! He’s one of the silliest swine I’ve ever met. I joined him for a good ol swim in the mud hole when he jumped up and began to squeal very loud. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but he told me to run to the basement in the barn. In no time the wind picked up and everything began to swirl. After a while, we came out to see that tornados had swept over the area. Everyone was safe thanks to the warning squeal from Rubble!

Swooping in to grab me from the mud, was Sweets. Yes, she can fly! Hanging on to her back we searched the town for any animals in need. From a distance we heard what sounded like a goat. Below was a large mud pit with a goat right in the middle! Sweets flew down and together we grabbed the goat and placed him on dry land. I just hope he doesn’t try to act like a pig and get stuck in the mud again!

As the day was ending, I saw this cool looking mini fishing boat for sale. It was so shiny and I was ready to pay anything for it! Banks appeared and asked me if I really needed this fishing boat and how it would benefit my family. I thought for a while and realized I don’t even fish. Banks helped me make a wise decision and I know my wife, Clawdette will happy to know I didn’t buy that boat!