This morning, I woke to a gator peaking into my mudhouse. It made me jump, but then I saw it was just Landry’s ride picking me up for our playdate with the Cajun Kids.

I could hear the roar of the crowd as we neared the Saints game. Entering into the stadium, we saw Brossard running down the field. Everyone was standing up to see what would happen. Faster and faster he ran and caught a touchdown!! The crowd went wild as he headed back into the stands to meet us. I think the Saints may need to sign him!

After the game, we met up with Reaux. She was in the middle of the stage jamming to zydeco music! We jumped on stage and danced as she played her fiddle and harmonica. The girl has talent!

When I looked out from the stage, I saw my cousin Delmont with Remy. I jumped off the stage and ran over. Remy is a crawdad communicator, so it’s easy for him to help all the crawdads stay in the bayou, away from crawdad hunters. Remy is well trusted and because he’s still a toddler, the crawdad hunters don’t mess with his crawdads.

We gathered Landry, Broussard, Reaux and Remy, jumped on the gators backs and headed toward the cotton field to help Babin with her evening cotton collection. Once we arrived we saw about 50 bullfrogs jumping through the field with cotton in their mouths. We grabbed a bag and we started picking. As the day ended, we counted one hundred bags of cotton ready for processing. We always get to work hard and play hard with the Cajun Kids!!