The famous Running of the Bulls is an annual event July 7-14 in Pamplona. The Running of the Bulls is part of the Fiesta of San Fermin that began way back in 1591. The original purpose was to move the bulls into the arena. A handful of brave people would run in front of the bulls. At 8 am every morning the bulls are let loose from the corral at one end of town and herded about a half mile through the streets of Pamplona to the stadium. The run lasts two to three minutes. Who do you think can run faster, a bull or a person?

The alarm went off and 8 am came fast. I jumped up ready to conquer the bulls! I’m pretty fast in the bayou, so I just know I can handle the bulls. Clawdette and Cletus Jr. followed me out into the streets, keeping a distance for safety. The ground began to shake and a large herd of bulls came stampeding down the road. “I can do this,” I thought. The first bull charged and I leaped onto it’s back. People were running so fast as I hung onto the bull’s horns and rode like the wind! Ok, so I didn’t run, but I sure did ride like a champion cowboy from the South!! Yee Haw!! Clawdette and Cletus Jr. cheered me on. Once we got back home to Louisiana, I taught Cletus Jr. how to ride bucking bullfrogs. He’ll stick with that until we get back to Spain and ride the bulls!