What is a dude ranch? Dude ranches are the original Western vacation! Back in the late 19th century, ranches allowed visitors from the East Coast and Midwest to escape the crowds of their suburban lives to experience the unique rejuvenation of spirit that ranches had become known for. Ranches quickly became a “home away from home” as returning guests became lifelong friends with the staff and guests. It’s a quality that still exists today, as dude ranch vacations continue to provide that special brand of western hospitality that nourishes body and soul.

I knew going to a dude ranch would be full of cool adventures! We met our trail guide who saddled up the horses and took us on a horse back ride through out the mountains. We saw elk, deer and even a moose with a huge rack! On the way back we got to help the cowboys herd cattle into their pens.

Arriving back at the ranch, we saw a large bonfire. To our surprise, we got to roast hotdogs and have smores! Cletus Jr. was covered in marshmellow! As evening approached we all went inside to relax. I warmed up by the fireplace as Clawdette and Cletus Jr. played cards. It was one of our favorite trips yet!