It all began in a small town grocery store way, way down South. It was simple carton of eggs full of twelve wholesome, good eggs. They all had high hopes of one day being made into an omlete. No one will ever know why, but this one carton was never sold before it’s expiration date. By mistake, the carton was pushed to the back as the fresh eggs were put in front. Over a period of time the eggs began to smell and become rotten. These wholesome, good eggs became angry and spoiled. One by one they began to grow arms and legs. Each one looking very different, with different personalities. One day as the grocerer was restocking the eggs, he accidently dropped this expired carton. To his surprise, twelve rotten eggz with little arms and legs ran past him and out the back door. They made their home in an old tree stump and each night they come out to cause trouble!