In the deepest parts of the Louisiana swamp beauty lurks from within. Join Clawdette Crawdad in her fun-filled day with the Swamp Princesses!

Today I got to take Cletus’s spot and visit with the Swamp Princess Parade. Being a lady crawdad in the bayou, I enjoy dressing up and trying to look my best. Little Josephine took my measurements and created a gorgeous dress made out of swamp weeds and moss. I can’t wait to get home and show Cletus!!

Something swam by me so fast it made me spin! Lillian stopped to give me a big ol hug and tell me about the latest trend she just saw from the south end of the bayou. The newest material being used comes from the old egg shells of hatched turtles. She brought some back with her and attached some to the bottom of my new dress. With a dress like this, I could join the upcoming Swamp Princess Parade!

Being around these ladies, it felt like a spa day! Georgia had me sit beside her on a very old log covered in some kind of green algae. After a while, I began to feel younger. No one knows what or how that log does it, but something growing on it is causing Georgia to look younger and all the princesses are coming to hang out with Georgia on her log!

After the log experience, I met with Claire who covered me from head to claw in mud. We sat out in the sun enjoying a bayou smoothie, then she cleaned me off and my let me tell you….my shell was looking good!

Moving on to my next treatment, Caroline conditioned my shell with lots of green algae. Caroline talked about how she used to be embarrassed of her large face and hide from others. She learned that God made her unique and she was to share this with others in the bayou. Now critters come from all around just to get algae treatments from Caroline and everyone finds her large face to be beautiful!

I met up with Savanna next for a workout session. She is full of energy and one of the strongest critters in the bayou! She had me try her new “gatorfit” workout that had me jumping and clawing after little gators. It was a tough workout and I think my claws may be sore tomorrow!

After a long day, it was time to enjoy some evening yodeling with Scarlett. I must admit, I’m not the best yodeler, but it sure is fun to sing along with the crickets chirping! A fancy new dress, spa treatments, a good workout and now trying a new talent…..I might just enter the next Swamp Princess Parade!!