Today started out at 3am, while all the stars where still bright! I climbed up the county court house wall to the rooftop. Being from down deep in the bayou, this was new and kinda scary for me. Fonda showed me all kinds of cool shapes that the stars form. Maybe Fonda will be the first goat to ever go to the moon!

Moving over to the east side of the rooftop, I saw Gordy. He’s a bit older, so I made sure he was ok being up this high without Becca Boo to watch him. He told me that the firemen know him personally and sooner or later will carry him off the rooftop.

I heard some grunting and saw Beevs on the county store rooftop. I’m not sure how he managed to get there, but I was determined to find out. Arriving to see Beevs, he complained about being on the rooftop, telling me he didn’t even know how he got up there. He was being grouchy and eating anything kind of junk that was on the rooftop. I wasn’t in the mood to hang out with a mean old goat, so I searched for Becca Boo.

I saw Becca Boo form a distance and ran up to join her. She was in the process of gathering ingredients from nearby branches to make her famous “Nature’s Nibbles” for Gordy and the other goats who were hungry. I helped her carry water, as we found each goat and made sure they had food and water for the day.

My last visit was with Spence. Now this guy can make me laugh with his hilarious jokes and funny dances. As the sun began to set, all the other goats gathered for a good old time moonshine. I was an incredible ending to a fun filled day with the Rooftop Goats.